Testimonials and Endorsements

The following testimonials and endorsements reflect the excellent service that Liberty Billing has provided clients throughout Seattle, Washington State and nationally since 2009.

Lisa and her team are amazing to work with! They have gone to bat for me and my clients on a number of challenging billing issues. I highly recommend their billing service!    

Amanda Bullat, RD

Liberty Billing is “The Nordstrom of Billing!”

Renee Hartman, PhD

Lisa and her team at Liberty Billing LLC have been my billers since May 2012. They have done a fantastic job. I am a nurse practitioner and having done my own billing for 4 years I know how hard it is to do a competent job. Liberty Billing does an excellent job.  They catch things I miss and make me follow up on things I would probably have forgotten. They are great with patients as well.  My receivables have gone way up. Lisa is also very professional and responds to me in a timely AND appropriate fashion. Her rates are very reasonable and I feel like I got very lucky when I found Liberty Billing LLC.

Paula Alsept, ARNP

A good billing person is like gold to a health care provider!

Before I was with Lisa at Liberty Billing, I had three separate billing people who failed to be consistent and checks stopped coming in the mail.  It was devastating to my business.  That never happens with Liberty Billing! I’ve been with Lisa many years and she is always accurate, reliable and efficient. She makes sure that my money is collected. I can always be confident that I am getting paid for all the time that I work. I am so happy with Lisa and Liberty Billing!

Shelley Haddow, MSW, LICSW

As we are bracing for the potential of ICD-10 billing nightmares, I wanted to put in a pitch for my amazing billing gal, Lisa of Liberty Billing. Known as the “Bulldog Biller” she tracked down thousands of dollars of unpaid claims from a recalcitrant insurance company for me and is poised for the new transfer to ICD-10. I have not looked back after deciding to hire a billing agency two years ago and if you are thinking about it, don’t hesitate to give her a call or email.

Indra Finch, PhD

Outsourcing my billing to Liberty Billing, LLC was the smartest thing I have ever done in all the years I have been in private practice.  I actually make more money now that I leave the work of billing to those who do it best- It frees me up to do much more of what I do best-which is working as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner!

Linda Ayers, ARNP

Liberty Billing, LLC has provided me with excellent service. The owner, Lisa, is knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Lisa is generous with her time making sure that all of my questions are answered. She has helped me navigate through confusing insurance paperwork and get appropriate reimbursement for my services. I would find it impossible to accept insurance assignment without her expertise.

Barbara Dailey, DNP, ARNP, CCMSHT, FIBH

Lisa and her staff at Liberty Billing, LLC provide “Cadillac service”!!  I really appreciate all of the personal attention I received from them.  They really care about me as a person and my business!!

Anne Marie Vance, LMHC

Lisa is worth her weight in gold! Lisa has been a vital member of my health care delivery team since 1999 and has been a mentor, resource and emotional support. During my 36 years in practice, I have learned that the financial aspects of interactions with clients are as important as the actual time in the therapy room. Misunderstandings regarding fees and collection practices can ruin a therapeutic alliance. Lisa has supported my private practice in many more ways than simply processing insurance claims for me. She saves me time, money & she does a spectacular job of accurately submitting claims in a timely manner, but she also keeps me informed about the many changes in regulations & requirements & keeps me out of trouble. She advises me regarding collections processes, how to reduce my losses from unpaid balances, and provides me with up-to-date data on each client. She has taught me how to reduce my accounts receivable and prevent unpaid balances from going to collection agencies. She is experienced, ethical, and excellent!

Bonita Quiroz-Cantu, ARNP, CMFT, Seattle, WA

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a billing service you can trust. Lisa at Liberty Billing, LLC was recommended to me by a colleague, and now I know why – the quality of service I receive is outstanding. Keep up the good work Lisa!

Terry Johnson, LMP 

Working with Liberty Billing, LLC to do my insurance claims and patient billing is the best decision I’ve made since I started my private practice!!  Instead of hours spent filing insurance claims, I spend my time doing what I love most: counseling clients.  Added benefits include Lisa’s invaluable financial advice, her weekly billing, and aging account reports which give me a clear understanding of what has been paid and what is still owing.  At tax time, I get an annual summary from Liberty Billing which I can immediately use for filing my taxes, usually a dreaded chore, but now, super easy!  Since I’ve started using Liberty Billing, my client load has increased and my work is pure joy.  If you want to expand your practice, I can think of no better way to do so than to work with Liberty Billing, LLC.  Thank you, Lisa!

Alexandra Wright, LMFT

The level of service at Liberty Billing, LLC is fantastic!  I am consistently impressed with their professionalism. Thank you Lisa and thank you Liberty Billing!

Jennifer Sykes, RD, CN

Thanks for all your billing help! Running my business would be much harder without the help of you and your crew!

Robert Dyer, LMP